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Supported Games

HaruHost various game servers and the numbers is increasing!

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Learn the Basics

Install HaruHost - learn how to install HaruHost on Windows 10,11

Creating a Game Server - is the first step to setup your game server.

Installing a Game Server - steam cmd is used and you can track the installation progress.

Game Server actions - include actions such start, shutdown, update. Learn more about game server actions here.

RCON Console - some game servers support RCON, which allows you to excute various commands.



Know what happens with your trough logs that HaruHost provides for each game server.

Game Server Logs

Discord Hooks

HaruHost lets you easily integrate Discord hooks for your Palworld game Server. Let others know when the server starts, is online, updates, restarts and more!

Discord Hooks Menu

The result will look similar to this

Discord Hooks

RCON Console

HaruHost supports RCON/Telnet for game servers that have built in support for it. RCON Console UI

Player Management

The Player Manager allows you to view players on your server. You can also choose to kick, or ban a player.

Keep in mind that not all game servers support this feature.

RCON Console UI

Scheduled Events

Automatically Backup, Restart, Update, Send RCON commands or event Shutdown and Start the server back again with scheduled events. You can do this every x seconds minutes, every day, or aat a specific day of the week.

Scheduled Events UI

Advanced Config

Some gameservers include a searchable UI to easily find and edit the server settings

Advanced Config UI

File Config

HaruHost provides let’s you edit raw configuration files if you find in neccessary.

File Config UI

Download HaruHost

File Config UI

To get started you will need to download the HaruHost Client for Windows