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Windows GUI 0.0.186

  • CHANGED: HaruHost Download URL - now points to the beta version which is code signed.


Windows GUI 0.0.185

  • ADDED: Ark: Survival Ascended Better mod view.


Windows GUI 0.0.184

  • ADDED: Ark: Survival Ascended Premium Player list should read the remote url if it’s not a file.

Windows GUI 0.0.183

  • ADDED: Soulmask RCON support

Windows GUI 0.0.182

  • FIXED: SteamCMD update error


Windows GUI 0.0.181

  • ADDED: Ark: Survival Evolved - view offline players and set roles

Windows GUI 0.0.180

  • Rebuilding in hopes that MS won’t flag as a false positive…

Windows GUI 0.0.179

  • FIXED: Premium remote game server player list

  • ADDED: Premium remote icon shows online player count

  • ADDED: Soulmask - view who is on your server, premium webhooks for player joineed/left support added

Windows GUI 0.0.178

  • ADDED: Soulmask - various fixes


Windows GUI 0.0.177

  • FIXED: Ark: Survival Ascended PlayerWidget updated design to fit ID and player name

Windows GUI 0.0.176

  • FIXED: Ark: Survival Ascended PlayerKick not working

Windows GUI 0.0.175

  • FIXED: Ark: Survival Ascended Players Widget not parsing correctly the AdminListUrl setting if it’s not wrapped in quotes.

Windows GUI 0.0.174

  • ADDED: Ark: Survival Ascended Added new configuration files for the uses to edit

  • ADDED: Ark: Survival Ascended Premium users feature: Player List revamped -> you can now view offline players and their names, set multiple roles such as exclusive, admin, no wait list.

  • FIXED: HaruHost Crashing issue where it tries to read a non existing value


Windows GUI 0.0.172

  • ADDED: Ark: Survival Ascended TheCenter_WP added to base config map select


  • ADDED: Length validation messages for premium webhooks hooks
  • FIXED: instance where title property got replace by color property in UI

Windows GUI 0.0.171

  • ADDED: Description and link for Microsoft XNA 4.0 for terraria

Windows GUI 0.0.170

  • ADJUSTED: Updated the UI for device stats summary


Windows GUI 0.0.168

  • ADDED: View Client usage total stats - currently for premium members only
  • CHANGED: CPU USAGE STAT - per server cpu usage stat changed where 100% = all cores, maybe in the future we could make this a toggleable option

Windows GUI 0.0.166

  • ADDED: Ark: Survival Ascended - serverpluginapi config.json editable in fileconfig
  • AJUSTED: Discord webhooks - should allow all subdomains for discord webhooks API


Windows GUI 0.0.165

  • ADDED: Soulmask support


Windows GUI 0.0.164

  • FIXED: Do not throw an error if the config file does not exist.

Windows GUI 0.0.163

  • ADJUSTED: Minor console visibility stuff when closing the game server.

  • CHANGED: Potentially fixed an issue where a configuration file might reset if it returns a specific error.


Windows GUI 0.0.162

  • ADJUSTED: V Rising sending CTRL+C instead of waiting for rcon 1 minute to finish shutdown. This should still save the game state, while make the shutdown much faster.

  • FIXED: V Rising Fixed where a number configuration value would be cast as a number instead of a string.

  • FIXED: V Rising Configuration Settings Descriptions - auto save intervals is in seconds not minutes. GameServerDiffultyPreset should be used to adjust difficulty instead of GameServerDiffculty.

  • CHANGED: Game Server usage stats are now always displayed while the server process is running, but the elements have been reduced, this change will be kept for a few versions and awaiting your feedback. In the future versions a possibility would be to keep both settings available and let the user decide how to display data.


Windows GUI 0.0.161

  • Rebuilding as it has got flagged as false positive

Windows GUI 0.0.160

  • ADDED: Palworld - palguard.json editable from config files

  • ADDED: Palworld - palguard.json settings are read to see if rcon should use base64 encoding

  • IMPROVED: if a configuration file is empty, it’s default configuration content will be created. This should prevent cases such as V Rising configuration initially being empty. Same goes for newly added configuration files.

Windows GUI 0.0.159

  • Rebuilding as it has got flagged as false positive

Windows GUI 0.0.158

  • FIXED: premium service receiving the server title instead of ports value due to a typo


Windows GUI 0.0.157

  • ADJUSTED: Fixed a lock instance when a game server action was executed.

Windows GUI 0.0.156

  • ADJUSTED: Potential stability improvements.


Windows GUI 0.0.155

  • ADJUSTED: Webhooks Dialog reduced the preview webhook amount to better fit into the content


Windows GUI 0.0.154

  • FIXED: multiple possible crash points

  • FIXED: V Rising Console window not closing after shutdown

  • ADDED: V Rising all configuration settings can be searched. Have inputs fields, switches and son on…

  • ADDED: Button - Restore configuration file to default settings.


Windows GUI 0.0.153

  • FIXED: Game Server Deletion causing deadlock

  • ADDED: V Rising RCON Console, safe shutdown via rcon -> sadly it takes at least 1 minute. With default settings to allow public play. Save Files preview, backups.


Windows GUI 0.0.152

  • FIXED: Backups recovery crash when a variable is nil

  • ADJUSTED: Game Server Summary now displays the version instead of player count. Player count will be displayed on the player count icon. You can let me know in the Discord what you think of this change.

Windows GUI 0.0.151

  • FIXED: Backups UI save path not updating

  • IMPROVEMENT: Backups by default use the default backups directory, you don’t need to setup the directory beforehand. Updated the backups UI to make the settings more easily accessible

Windows GUI 0.0.149

  • FIXED: Issue where if HaruHost.exe was in path that contained spaces, the command would call itself, thanks Arkenor and Jestor for spotting the issue

  • IMPROVEMENT: Rewrote the game server status logic, which should work better


Windows GUI 0.0.147

  • FIXED: Game server installation not cancelling the install action status after an error has been detected

  • FIXED: Typo in url thanks Timo

  • ADDED: Crash recovery, if HaruHost.exe crashes, the application will be reopened by hh-watcher process. It’s enabled by default. You can turn enable this behaviour in settings.

  • ADDED: Help section.

  • ADDED: Premium Discord Webhooks


Windows GUI 0.0.143

  • CHANGED: RCON timeout for most clients should be 3 minutes. This should fix the issue where for some machines basic requests took longer than 3 seconds and thus the status was shown as running.

  • CHANGED: UI reduced menu tabs. Now there is a single premium tab where all related things are present.

  • FIXED: Myth of Empires crashing if rcon implementation is not present.


Windows GUI 0.0.142

  • FIXED: Rcon Command typo using the wrong variable.

Windows GUI 0.0.141

  • FIXED: Ark: Survival Ascended - Player list.


Windows GUI 0.0.140

  • CHANGED: RCON now refreshes the client every x request. It seems that keeping a single rcon client causes issues, due to the client getting disconnected for some reason. This should improve the situation, but may require further changes.

Windows GUI 0.0.139

  • FIXED: Discord Hooks Online should now properly report the online status

Windows GUI 0.0.138

  • CHANGED: Ark: Survival Ascended - rcon port lookup fallbacks to game user settings instead of command line arguments


Windows GUI 0.0.137

  • FIXED: Player List.

Windows GUI 0.0.136

  • ADDED: Filters Select All/ Select None buttons for game server selection.

  • ADDED: Ark: Survival Ascended BanList.txt to config files.

  • CHANGED: Rewrote the rcon logic, to not create a new rcon client every request. Conan Exiles might work, but sometimes the karma system still blocks.

  • CHANGED: Palworld reduced the amount of rcon requests made for polling. Cached the rcon version parser.

  • FIXED: Satisfactory Ram usage shows correctly, Stop button not closing the game.

  • FIXED: Terraria not creating post installation files.

  • CHANGED: HaruHostError log message was used for debug purposes as some users reported crashes. This lead to confusion as users thought it might have been error. Sorry for that, it should now not display if no error is present and changed the naming.


Windows GUI 0.0.135

  • CHANGED: Terms of Service confirmation screen reflecting the page.

  • CHANGED: Instead of CRASH and HaruHostError will be displayed if an application fails.As this actually is an internal error catch in haruhost, to not mistake it with game server errors.


Windows GUI 0.0.134

  • ADDED: When you create a new game server, if that game server is not on the filters list, the game will be added to the filters for the game server to be visible.

  • ADDED: Logic to prevent certain crashes and display in the logs.

  • ADDED: Terraria download status display.

  • ADDED: I have noticed a lot of people reporting steamcmd errors. Added automatic re-try, which deletes the steamcmd directory, re-downloads steamcmd and re-tries the installation.

  • ADDED: Conan Exiles - more configuration files, online status, ports, title and other configuration options displayed. RCON - would work, but conan blocks it due to karma system and changing the value in the config doesn’t seem to make any changes. If you know how to solve this let me know in the Discord.

HaruHost Game Server Overview

Revamped the game server overview on HaruHost, with an emphasis on uniformity and space efficiency across all game servers. Here’s what’s new:

Summary View

  • Compact Information: Each game server now presents a concise summary, including the title, address, map, and number of players.
  • Expandable Details: Users can expand the summary to access additional settings:
    • Password and IP Addresses: Detailed information about passwords and IP addresses, categorized by access type (Internet, Local, Same PC), with guidance on port forwarding and firewall configurations.
    • External IP Visibility: External IP addresses are hidden by default to prevent accidental exposure. Users can adjust this setting in the filter options to make external IPs visible by default.
    • Server Specifics: Expanded views may include server passwords, version details, and port numbers when available.

Interface Enhancements

  • Action Buttons: To improve user experience, almost all action buttons have been moved to the right side of the interface, making it easier to execute actions.

Incremental Updates

  • While not all game servers currently support the summary and details view, we’re working on expanding these features.
  • Current Focus: The main focus is on Ark and Palworld, catering to our largest user base.
  • Future Plans: We aim to build a scalable system with features that can later be adapted for other game servers.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance the HaruHost game server experience!


Windows GUI 0.0.132

  • ADDED: QUICK Game Server Select on edit mode, to quickly switch between game servers and transfer configurations.

Remote Mobile


Windows GUI 0.0.131

  • FIXED: Remote client update button now displays the loading state properly and error if the server returns

  • ADDED: Remote clients status instantly updates on connect/disconnect

  • ADDED: Remote game server displays to which client it belongs to

  • ADDED: Remote game server status instantly updates on connect/disconnect, non-premium game servers get removed from the list

  • ADDED: Remote game server icon actions get disabled if client is not connected

  • ADDED: Remote game server caching

  • FIXED: Remote websockets will now reconnect automatically

  • ADDED: Ark: Survival Ascended Base Config Sourched Earth to map selection


Windows GUI 0.0.130

  • FIXED: Remote arksa and arkse config files edit not opening due to a bad name selection

  • ADDED: Remote caching for configuration files

  • FIXED: Giga tier only allowing up to 4 premium servers instead of 5

  • ADDED: Remote UI improvements for dialogs, full screen logic, revamped the Automate (scheduled events) UI

  • FIXED: Remote Scheduled event creation dialog not closing

  • FIXED: Remote when creating a new gameserver an additional unknown game server being displayed

  • FIXED: Remote Scheduled events not displaying weekday on week intervals

  • CHANGED: Remote improved error handling of some actions, if an error happens a response is handled instatly

  • ADDED: Remote Players Widget Eco ban and kick actions will show the error if the action fails

Windows GUI 0.0.129

Remote Mobile

  • ADDED: Eco Player Kick, Ban buttons

  • ADDED: Remote premium gamserver logs

Windows GUI 0.0.128

  • FIXED: Eco not awaiting shutdown. Now HaruHost waits for the eco process to exit.

  • ADDED: Eco Player List

  • ADDED: Remote premium game server features - edit configuration, scheduled events dialog, rcon console, players widget


Windows GUI 0.0.127

  • CHANGED: All game servers now support scheduled events. Which actions are supported depends on whether the game server has this feature available and whether it’s implemented.

  • ADDED: Each scheduled event action will show a description of what it does when selected.

  • ADDED: New scheduled event actions, Stop - stops the game server process, Force Update - stops the game server process, does the update and starts the game server up again - useful when shutdown is not available, Reboot - stops the game server process, then starts the game server again.

  • NOTE: Since the Start scheduled event is available for all game servers, the keep always running feature is a bit re-dundant. I suggest giving a try for this event and see if you’re still missing the keep always running feature.

  • NOTE: If you like the project, but only want to support once, you can cancel the Patreon membership after being charged. This is what Patreon itself suggests. Thanks!

Windows GUI 0.0.126

  • FIXED: Crashing on some OS when clicking install/update. If you experience any issues let us know in the Discord.


Windows GUI 0.0.122

  • FIXED: Adding a new scheduled event setting the wrong time if chosen daily or weekly


Windows GUI 0.0.121

  • FIXED: Event Sheduler not registering.


Windows GUI 0.0.120

  • CHANGED: Keep server always running has been removed for now.

  • ADDED - expiremental remote mode. Supporters can register and manage the actions of x amount of premium game servers they have. It’s still a WIP and needs more work. More features will be added such as remote RCON, Server address PUBLIC_IP:PORT, server information - ports, config, name, editiable configuration files. Also - users can see and control up to 2 non premium game servers for each client.

  • ADDED: Various game servers to be support with HaruHost, each game server has different features set available. All added servers support Config File Edit, Create, Install, Start, Stop and Update actions.

Myth of Empires: Online Status check, Backups, Scheduled Events, RCON, Shutdown Action, Save Files Preview.

Sons of the Forest: Online Status check, Backups, Scheduled Events, Shutdown Action, Save Files Preview.

The Front: Online Status check, Backups, Save Files Preview.

Cfraftopia: Backups, Save Files Preview.

Barotrauma: Added.

CoreKeeper: Added.

V Rising: Added.

Satisfactory: Save Files Preview.

Conant Exiles: Added.

Night of the Dead: Backups, Save Files Preview.

Sunkenland: Added, minimal support, couldn’t get this to start GPU not supported error, haven’t looked further.

Rust: Added.

No One Survived: Online Status check, Backups, Scheduled Events, Shutdown Action, Save Files Preview.

Smalland: Backups, Save Files Preview.

Half Life 2: Deathmatch: Added.

Eco: Online Status check, Backups, Scheduled Events, RCON, Shutdown Action, Save Files Preview.

Icarus: Online Status check, Backups, Scheduled Events, Save Files Preview.

Unturned: Online Status check.


Windows GUI 0.0.119

  • CHANGED: HaruHost now downloads the zip file instead of exe for updates. This reduces the download size about ~2.5x.

  • ADDED: Project Zomboid - minimal support for it, you can install, browse server files, run and stop the gameserver. Most commands are executed trough the game server console which is a bit different from other game servers. Due to this it may take some time to think what would be the right approach and implement it.

  • ADDED: Terraria - minimal support for it, you can install, browse server files, run and stop the gameserver. Most commands are executed trough the game server console which is a bit different from other game servers. Due to this it may take some time to think what would be the right approach and implement it.


Windows GUI 0.0.118

  • FIXED: Keep always running not displaying correct status


Windows GUI 0.0.117

  • FIXED: incorrect backup name check

Windows GUI 0.0.116

  • FIXED: typo where the start event action was labeled as restart in logs, which definetly led to confusion.
  • FIXED: Player list fetch request not clearing up, which caused the requests to increase
  • FIXED: ARK:SA and ARK:SE MOD UI - changing the mod order trough multiple pages and proper index display. It still needs to be tested by users.
  • CHANGED: Updated logs list UI
  • ADDED: ARK: SE scheduled events, backups, saved files
  • ADDED: Valheim scheduled events, backups, saved files
  • ADDED: Show a warning if a game server uses the same port as at least one game server. Since only one port can be used by a game server.
  • ADDED: Tooltip labels for icons near the server status to indicate what they do
  • ADDED: Discord hooks toggle button
  • ADDED/FIXED: Palworld ini file publicPort setting update the launch options -port parameter. As the publicPort setting doesn’t seem to work, which caused player issues on setting up multiple servers. Make sure to check your ini config!
  • ADDED: Supporters can set the maximum number of backups to keep setting. Make sure to connect your Discord account with Patreon for the roles to update. Follow the instructions in the Premium section. This is still experimental.


Windows GUI 0.0.115

  • CHANGED: SteamCMD installation and update logs will be written to the logs db always, this will let’s us debug better steamcmd fails for some reason.
  • QoL: Palworld, Enshrouded, Ark: SA - server password and admin password can be looked up and copied from the main page instead of having to go trough configs
  • ADDED: Palworld server version is displayed when can be looked up trough rcon
  • ADDED: Enshrouded - scheduled events, backups, save file preview


Windows GUI 0.0.114

  • CHANGED: SteamCMD if the log contains an Error! we will assume the output failed and log as an error
  • ADDED: Message in regards to ARK: SA save corruption issue
  • ADJUSTED: Increased the size of some UI dialog elements to prevent the need of scrolling
  • REMOVED: ARK: SA -MaxNumOfSaveBackups=1 as default option on newly created servers - as this seems to cause corruption issue in regards to save data


Windows GUI 0.0.113

  • CHANGED: Quadrupled the RCON buffer size.

Windows GUI 0.0.112

  • ADDED: Palworld PlayerList Kick Player Button.
  • ADDED: Palworld PlayerList Ban Player Button.
  • ADDED: Palworld EDIT -> FILE CONFIG -> banlist.txt to edit the player ban list.
  • ADDED: Main font included in bundle.
  • EXPERTIMENTAL: if a scheduled restart event fails to start the server -> it returns an error. It will try to start the server again. This won’t work if you close and open HaruHost after the event executed, as HaruHost detaches from the process.

Palworld Player Widget Palworld Player Banlist


Windows GUI 0.0.111

  • ADDED: to the Discord webhooks API path
  • FIXED: This re-build seems to not popup the ms false positive on Windows Server 2016

Windows GUI 0.0.110

  • FIXED: Discord hook using the wrong db entry


Windows GUI 0.0.108

  • EXPERIMENTAL: Toggle to keep the server always online

  • FIXED: Some backups got saved in a bath path. This would cause the folder to error because the name format was wrong. Adjusted code to instead show the folder name if that’s the case.

Windows GUI 0.0.107

  • FIXED: Backups restore && backups would fail if server is offline, because it would try to execute the rcon save command. So you would need to start the server and do the backup restore when it’s online. This has been changed, and backup can be done even if offline.

  • ADDED: You will set if the backup restoration fails or succeeds in the logs


Windows GUI 0.0.106

  • FIXED: Fixed a typo which would cause a log to be displayed of skipped scheduled backup when the server is offline. Scheduled backups are not supposed to run when offline anyways, so the log was removed.

  • CHANGED: Ark: SA and Ark: SE use the new rcon client

Windows GUI 0.0.105

  • ADJUSTED: Increased RCON online check timeout to 3 seconds

  • ADDED: Automated backups, if the server is not offline, but the server status is not online, backups will log a message that the automated backup was skipped, also error will be logged if rcon save command returns an error. This will help to debug.

  • ADDED: Stats now have a description text below, because people insisted that the CPU usage is wrong, but it’s actually what is usually used in Linux systems and Virtual servers. If I have the time, I will add a switch button to switch between Windows type of metrics and Linux.

  • CHANGED: Logs will now show up to 40 logs when expanded. A Button will be display on status if the log contain an error.

  • CHANGED: Backups will broadcast a single message

  • CHANGED: You should now see RUNNING instead of STARTING after the server process is running.

  • CHANGED: Now PalworldIni settings are used for server name, and after server restart the config from CommandLineArguments will be moved to Ini settings if it’s empty. Adjust manually if neccessary.

  • FIXED: Special characters now don’t crash rcon, and thus HaruHost shows properly the server status


Windows GUI 0.0.102

  • ADJUSTED: Server title will use URL decoded parsers to display the url in a human readable format
  • FIXED: Server title now breaks by word to not go over the limit of the gameserver card component

Windows GUI 0.0.101

  • RECOMPILED: Re-compiled once more… and reported to MS… due to false positive on virus total

Windows GUI 0.0.100

  • RECOMPILED: Re-compiled due to false positive on virus total

Windows GUI 0.0.99

  • ADJUSTED: Increased RCON timeout from 1 minute to 4 minutes, RCON Online check to from 200ms to 400ms

Windows GUI 0.0.98

  • ADJUSTED: Increased RCON timeout to 1 minute -> Palworld sometimes takes ~40seconds to fetch the user list. This should allow the server owners to see the correct player count.

Windows GUI 0.0.97

  • FIXED?: Palworld -> the server name from ini settings will be moved to server launch arguments only if server launch arguments is empty
  • ADJUSTED: Palworld -> if launch arguments do not contain the server name, the name from the ini will be displayed in HaruHost GameServer Widget

Windows GUI 0.0.96

  • FIXED: Broadcast message parsing issue.

Windows GUI 0.0.95

  • FIXED?: Palworld server name check logic seemed wrong hopefully this fixes the issue.


Windows GUI 0.0.93

  • CHANGED: Palworld - broadcast messages will get automatically replaced spaces with underscores _ because Palworld doesn’t support it.

Windows GUI 0.0.92

  • MISC: Recompiled to to false positives on virustotal, need to look how to solve this permanentely as it’s annoying.

Windows GUI 0.0.91

  • CHANGED: Palworld -> You can now use non-english letters in your server name.

Explanation - Ini configuration doesn’t allow for non-english letters to be used. I checked that it works on Launch options CommandLineArguments -> So now this will be used in AdvancedSettings for setting the server name. Also, after you start the server using this version of HaruHost and possible newer, the ServerName setting will be removed from ini configuration and set to CommandLineArguments. Until you restart your server the server name in HaruHost might not be visible.

Windows GUI 0.0.90

  • CHANGED: Discord url trims spaces from the start and end
  • FIXED: Issue when importing a server while the gameservers dir was not created, now HaruHost will create an empty dir as default. Thanks to SafetyBrick to figuring out the exact issue!

Windows GUI 0.0.89

  • CHANGED: Changed Ark: Survival Ascended backup brodcast text

Windows GUI 0.0.88

  • FIXED: Palworld - after executing the exit command, palworld proccess takes up to a few seconds to close. Implemented a process watcher -> HaruHost waits while the process is closed and the returns the shutdown completed action. If 60 seconds pass and the proccess doesn’t close an error is returned instead.

Windows GUI 0.0.87

  • CHANGED: Palworld -> ini publicPort updates the commandlinearguments port before starting. It was my assumption that this ini setting works, turns out it does not. Weird.


Windows GUI 0.0.86

  • CHANGED: Recompiled since MS complained 0.0.85 as false positive virus, also reported as false positive

Windows GUI 0.0.85

  • CHANGED: Palworld removed port and player limit from default command line arguments, as ini settings can be used for that
  • ADDED: Scheduled events will display skipped actions due to incorrect status condition f.e. an offline server can not be shutdown

Windows GUI 0.0.84

  • ADDED: Logs will display a rcon authentication error if bad password is set
  • CHANGED: In case of rcon password failure we can still assume that the server is online
  • CHANGED: Palworld Advanced Settings won’t delete the option if a default value exists, but use the default value.
  • CHANGED: Palworld before starting the server, the PublicPort will be read from ini config and set to commandLineArguments to sync up the port, without having the config to be adjusted in a seperate file

Windows GUI 0.0.83

  • CHANGED: Updated the ini configuration parser for server startup and rcon scripts. Added some tests. Your custom config PalWorldSettings.ini should work now. If it fails create a bug in appropriate channel and paste the config.


Windows GUI 0.0.82

  • CHANGED: Default imported game server is selected as palworld

Windows GUI 0.0.81

  • ADJUSTED: Palword server import will use the default ini to make sure it works on import, the original can be found as PalWorldSettings.ini.original

Windows GUI 0.0.80

  • ADDED: Automated Scheduled Events, -> Saved, Send Messages, restart the server and do backups automatically
  • ADDED: Save files preview
  • ADDED: Backup Preview


Windows GUI 0.0.79

  • TESTING: Increased the rcon delay to test a users timeout error, but no success, it works for others though.

Windows GUI 0.0.78

  • FIXED: Server name did not display the last letter visually. I knew there was this type, but so many things were going on that I forgot a bit.
  • ADDED: Prerequisites link for DirectX as Palworld and Ark usually need this installed

Windows GUI 0.0.77

  • UI: Removed quotes when the server title is displayed
  • FIXED: Discord webhook shows Palworld as the game type
  • FIXED: Palworld Server Stats - CPU, Ram, uptime are now displayed correctly

Windows GUI 0.0.75

  • FIXED: Crashing when looking up the port forwarding section -> this was due to bad string parsing
  • FIXED: Stop button now kills all processes inside the secondary palworld directory where the main server process is spawned


Windows GUI 0.0.74

  • FIXED: Default server password is temporary removed, it can always be added manually trough FILE CONFIG -> PalWorldSettings.ini - reason -> it was confusing some people. It’s a bit weird that empty option throws an error but it’s early access so.

Windows GUI 0.0.73

  • FIXED: Port Forward helper displays the game port for palworld

Windows GUI 0.0.72

  • ADDED: Palworld support


Windows GUI 0.0.69 - Nice

  • ADDED: When clicking the STOP gameserver action, a confirmation dialog will pop-up. This is because the stop action will kill the server process which can lead to unsaved/corrupt data. While the chance is low, and usually game servers have safety mechanisms for that it’s good pratice to inform users.


Windows GUI 0.0.68

  • ARK SA Default -MaxNumOfSaveBackups=1 is added on server creation. Since HaruHost provides a backups mechanism, we don’t want the Ark backups mechanism to do a backup as well, as that will cause a tremendous copy size increase. Based on recomandations from the wiki stating that it’s recommended to have a value 0 when having alternative backup solutions.
  • FIX: Discord webhook now is ignored if the url is empty


Windows GUI 0.0.67

  • Discord Hooks added

    Discord Hooks View More Discord Hooks Output in Discord

Windows GUI 0.0.63

  • ADDED: View More -> INSTALL PREREQUISITES BUTTON -> redirects to 3rd party site for ms software bundle needed to run asa servers

  • ADDED: error description that prerequisites might be missing

  • REMOVED: STOP button when installing due to new installation sub process

  • FIXED: Windows Server 2016 and other unsupported os will fallback to the old installation method

  • FIXED: s.GameServerDir folder being created in HaruHost dir


Windows GUI 0.0.62

  • Backup UI typo and fetching logic after refactor fixed, also fixed a backup error display message when no files to backup exist

Windows GUI 0.0.61

  • Log when server exits by some outside action

Windows GUI 0.0.60

  • Server action logs implemented and bug fixes, scheduled events should fully work - update full


Windows GUI 0.0.59

  • Experimental unfinished version for discord


Windows GUI 0.0.58

  • BUGFIX: game server bad installation dir when using - space in folder names

Windows GUI 0.0.57

  • Scheduled events can now be toggled on/off.

  • After scheduled event rcon command executes a notification is shown error/success. This change will make us sure that the command finished correctly, instead of guessing.

  • Added a VIEW MORE -> REMOVE FROM HARUHOST button. This will remove the gameserver, but should not delete the data, so you will be able to re-import the gameserver. NOTE: the DELETE GAME SERVER button only deletes the gameserver installation folder, so if you use a different or default backups dir, they should be fine.

  • Changed the way we check if the server is installed -> now instead of steam folder, we look up the process path for each gameserver. Some people were reporting the status to be still CREATED after steam install/update. My guess is steam didn’t finish something, nevertheless this might help people.

  • RCON Timeout for default commands set to 10seconds -> it seems 1 second wasn’t enough as some command like a dino wipe might take longer. This technically works even thou the timeout error is displayed, because the command still runs, we just assumed it didn’t respond fast enough and crashed.

    Scheduled events toggle UI


Windows GUI 0.0.56

  • Adjusted RCON online check delay to 250ms - this will make the app more responsive, report if you’re experiencing any errors

  • Fixed the naming bug with spaces, now we use GameServerUserSettings.ini as default for SessionName. do not use CommandLineArguments, as it’s deprecated. You can now name your server with a lot more symbols and stuff. Make sure to double check that the server name is as intended!

  • Synced GameUserSettings.ini settings for ASA. About ~160 options.

  • You can now see game server installation and download progress Installation progress UI


Windows GUI 0.0.55

  • You can now sort game servers by creation date or name in ascending or descending order Game Server sort UI

  • TEMPORARY BUGFIX: when a server title contains spaces, the command line arguments get read wrongly, due to the OS appending quotes. For now all spaces in the server name are replaced with underscores _ before the server launch and overwritten. In the future we will add a fix to make it work spaces. Thanks to Kha537 for finding the bug and investigating further.

  • Server stats will now be fully refreshed every 30 seconds, if the window is focused it refreshes every 4 seconds. This is due to new users not seeing the server status change, while expecting it to be there.

  • Player stats - if the server is online, player stats will be refreshed every 15 seconds