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Ark: Survival Evolved Server


HaruHost provides an easy way to manage your own hosted Ark: Survival Evolved servers when running on Windows Desktop.

Game Server Management

First learn the basics of how to manage the lifecycle of your game server if you haven’t so

Game Server Creation

Game Server Installation

Game Server Actions

Router Port Forwarding

Firewall Port Unblocking

RCON Console

HaruHost also allows you to send RCON Commands to your Ark: Survial Evolved game server

View RCON Console

Mods management

Using haruhost you can easily manager mods for your Ark: Survival Evolved game server.

View How to use mods

Player management

Learn how to kick a player from the server

View Player Management

Configuration Options

Ark has a ton of options. For new players this can be a headache. Thus we have provided 3 ways to manage different configuration options.

Base Config

This is where server title, administration, map and authorization options will be present.

View Base Config

Advanced Config

As mentioned before ark has a ton of settings you can play arround to make your own experience unique.

In order to reduce the mental overhead we provide a way to search for the configuration options you want to quickly adjust.

Simply type in the setting name f.e. Harvest and results with similar names will show up.

You can also adjust mod settings if these are already defined in your configuration file.

View Advanced Config

File Config

You might want to view and adjust raw configuration options. Maybe a mod has additional configuration options via the ini file.

For those you can use the File settings section and just adjust all options as you see fit.

Remember: if you mess the settings up, it might break things

View File Config

Download HaruHost

To get started you will need to download the HaruHost client.

HaruHost setup instructions