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Ark: Survival Ascended Mods

Getting Started

Ark: Survival Ascended uses curseforge to manage mods - view mods here.

In the next sections you will learn how to manage mods using HaruHost.

Make Sure that your Ark: Survival Ascended game server is INSTALLED before configuring the mods.

Do not forget to restart your game server for changes to take effect

On the gameservers page press the EDIT button to open up the mods configuration section.

GameServer Edit Icon Click

Add Mods from curseforge

First you need to find the mods you want to be added. To do that click the VIEW ALL button.

This will open up a new browser window.

Mods View All Click

Now find the mod you’re looking for and open up its page - usually by clicking on the mod.

curseforge mods view

Find the about project section and copy the Project ID which will be the mod id.

curseforge mod id for arksa

Open HaruHost and press the ADD BY ID button.

mods add by id click

Now paste in the mod ID f.e. 916922 and press the ADD button.

mods add by filled

Success the Mod has now been added.

mods add by id added

Change Mod Order

To change the order of a mod press and hold the drag button, now move your cursor above or below, release where you want to keep the order.

Change map order by drag

Alternatively press the edit button on the mod and type in the order

Change map order from edit dialog