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Game Server Port Forwarding

Usually your game server is behind a router. This restricts access to your game server from the internet.

HaruHost provides an port forward helper for your game server. That guides how to open router settings and shows which ports and protocols need to be forwarded.

What is Port Forwarding

Your Router connects your computer to the internet. So when someone from the internet wants to connect to your server, they are connecting to the router. Then your router redirects the request to your computer. If no port forwarding rule is set your router won’t know to which computer to send the request to. Your friends won’t be able to connect to your server.

So simplified port forwarding is telling the router to which device to redirect requests from the internet.

Port Forwarding Flow

Port Forwarding Helper

On your game server click VIEW MORE -> click PORT FORWARDING -> Follow the instructions on how to port forward. You will see the ports, their protocols, and to which internal IP address it should be redirect to. The interval IP address is the address of your computer running in your home network.

Port Forwarding helper