Game Server Manager for Windows

HaruHost Game Server Manager for windows is a small and simple application that provides an intuitive dashboard to control your game servers.

Create, delete, install, update, send rcon commands, configure settings. Please note that this works only for x86. Arm is not supported.

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HaruHost GSM for windows FAQ

Is this free?

Yes, it's free. Paid option will be opt-in such as remote management which are still work in progress.

Are all features done?

No, still work in progress.

Help, it's reported as a virus?

Update your antivirus. If it still doesn't work, try downloading an older version. Reason - some antivirus have a hard time to automatically analyse the compiled program. Which leads to a false positive. I usually report to some vendors that it's a false positive which takes 1 day to a week to respond. New updates might require me to repeat the cycle. Use Virustotal total as your friend and common sense when making decisions, as in the end you're responsible what you do. If it still complains a week after release and you have updated your antivirus let me know in the Discord.