Frequently asked questions and answers

Here we have provided a list of frequently asked questions and answers for using HaruHost

What is HaruHost?

HaruHost is the easiest way to get started and manage your game server on Windows. With a few clicks you can install a new game server and get it running.

HaruHost makes game server management easy by providing an interface to easily find and edit server configuration files, view and manage your players, provides tools for advanced backups, automation features like scheduled server updates, crash recovery, server data management tools and webhooks for Discord.

Is there a limit to how many game servers I can have?

No, there is no limit to the number of game servers you can have using HaruHost. The only restriction is that if you're using HaruHost commercially, you need to register those game servers as premium to support the project. After a set period, you can transfer the premium game server features to a different server.

How can I run multiple game servers on the same machine?

The process is similar to running a single game server. Simply create and install the additional game server. Then, ensure that the ports for the newly installed game server are not being used by other game servers, and change the ports if necessary.

In most cases, you can view the ports in use by pressing the 'Details' button to expand the game server information. If you do not adjust the ports, the game server may still run, but it could lead to connection issues or some commands not working due to multiple servers trying to use the same port.

To edit the ports in use by a game server, press the 'Edit' button and adjust the ports through the available configuration UI.

Can I increase the CPU and RAM usage of my game server?

Unless your game server is reaching hardware limits or has specific server options that need adjustment, you cannot set a specific minimum amount of CPU or RAM usage. Game servers started through HaruHost run as separate processes, allowing them to dynamically use the resources they need from the available OS pool. While many modern machines have multiple cores, most game servers are limited to using a single core or, in some cases, a few cores. Similarly, the game server will allocate the necessary amount of RAM based on its requirements.

Server Automation

Using HaruHost you can set up automated triggers by specific time intervals such as every x seconds, every day at exact time, or a specific day of the week at exact time. The automated actions can be server updates, restarts, shutdowns, backups, rcon commands and more.

Use case 1 - Lets say you want the server to update every day at 4 in the morning.

Use case 2 - You want your server to start if it crashes, so you create an automated event to start the server every 15 seconds. And HaruHost will check every 15 seconds the server status, if it's offline it will start up the server.

Advanced Backups

HaruHost provides Advanced backup features such as 1 click backup restoration, which shuts the server down, creates a snapshot of your latest save files and replaces the current save files with your selected backup. Besides that you can schedule automated backups. For backups you can set up a custom directory like a different drive to keep the data seperated. Premium Game Server owners can also set the amount of backups to keep, where the surplus amount will be removed.

Discord Webhooks

HaruHost allows you to add basic Discord webhooks to your game server, notifying your community about server status changes. Premium Game Server users have access to extended Discord webhook features, including customization of the webhook and custom triggers for events such as player joins, server IP address or game port changes, RCON commands sent, and specific server status updates like offline, online, updating, and starting.

Which operating systems does HaruHost support?

HaruHost supports Windows 10, 11 and also Windows Server editions from 2016 and up. However, despite HaruHost supporting various Windows Server editions, the support of the game server depends on whether the game server itself supports the operating system.

Is Linux support planned?

Linux support is planned, but it's not in the current release map. As a start a CLI application interface is planned for Linux Ubuntu.

My server is running but an update is available for HaruHost, will it shut down my server?

You can safely update HaruHost while a game server is running. HaruHost is designed for HaruHost and the game server to run as separate processes which means that when HaruHost is closed the game server will still be running.

Help! HaruHost.exe was deleted and flagged as a virus

HaruHost utilizes the Go programming language for its server backend, which is highly effective. However, because some malware is also written in Go, automated antivirus scanners sometimes mistakenly flag legitimate software like HaruHost as a threat, especially since it is new and not yet widely recognized. This false positive issue requires us to either rebuild the codebase with a version bump or report the false positive to antivirus providers like Microsoft. While neither solution is perfect, they are our best options currently.

To further address this issue, one potential solution is to purchase Extended Validation (EV) certificates from providers approved by Microsoft. However, these certificates are expensive, with a base cost of around $350 USD per year. Therefore, the best way to support the project is to spread the word about HaruHost. Increasing our user base can help us secure the necessary funds for solutions like these.